1.How do I make payments ?

 Our patients has to make their payments directly to their respective hospitals

2. Can I not approach the hospitals directly?

 You can certetainly approach any hospital for your treatment if you desire.

3. What are the benefits of approaching IndianMedInfo?

 We acts as a facilitator in your treatment by taking the entire load of your treatment as well as travel off your shoulders and partnering with you to suggest the right choice of hospitals and right medical experts for you.
With its market knowledge and experience in this industry, we obtains the lowest possible rates for its patients after negotiating with all its associated hospitals, a benefit that you would be unable to avail, otherwise.
It has been observed that the entire process of treatment which includes coordinating with hospitals for appointments, diagnostic procedures, discharge formalities, etc. generally may become a bit cumbersome for patients to handle due to lack of knowledge of local language, and hospital processes, etc. This can be handled by us, making it a hassle free and smooth experience for the patients and bystanders.